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Fall Lightroom Presets | Magical Fall Picture Ideas

Fall Lightroom Presets | Magical Fall Picture Ideas

Fall Lightroom Presets - The Fuel to Your Creativity

The Fall is one of my favourite times of the year and there is nothing better than taking gorgeous fall foliage photos and then using one of the 20 Best Fall Lightroom Presets to get creative and create stunning photos that are full of color and take our breath away.

The beauty of using fall presets is that it gives you total freedom to explore your creativity and try numerous fall picture ideas quickly and easily. Whether you like to edit on your desktop, on your mobile or on your tablet, you can just quickly try different ideas and test which look truly captures your heart and fills you with tremendous positive emotions.

Fall Presets are truly the fuel to ignite your creativity as they allow you to quickly and easily see the artistic possibilities of a photo. You can quickly see how a photo will look if you change the color tones, their intensity, their contrast, their texture, their luminosity, etc. It is exciting to just try it out. Just check the video below to see how incredible it is to see a photo change in a matter of seconds with Lightroom Presets.

 This video shows how this beautiful autumn photo can be changed in a matter of seconds with the use of the right presets.

As you can see in the video, it is so awesome to apply Professional Lightroom Presets and see the mood of your photo completely changing. You can easily get a dark and moody shot or a brighter, intense and vibrant one. The decision is yours and you can truly let your creativity take the driving seat. 

I totally believe that photography is an art and not a science, so my vision of photography is that there are no boundaries or 'rules' to follow, so you can truly create the artistic piece that you envision. This means it is totally possible to make significant changes to the photo and even change the color of the fall foliage to fit a particular vision that you have in mind.

How to Use Fall Presets in your Photo Editing Workflow?

A good Lightroom presets pack can really change your workflow because it allows so many options and it is so quick to run through them. You can use them to get a final photo in a matter of seconds or you can simply use as a base to get your creative juices started and then do additional modifications to your hearts content!

This is exactly how I like to use photo presets on my workflow. I go through them quickly in a sequence to see how it affects my photo and what are the creative possibilities, then I choose the one that I find more impactful and afterwards I continue to adjust and edit the photo to get the look that feels just right to me.

Fall Lightroom Presets Before and After Comparison

A comparison of how easy it is to get a completely different look to your Fall Photos with Fall Lightroom Presets. It can be a truly magical experience.

Benefits of Fall Lightroom Presets

So if I had to summarise why using fall presets is great, this would be the main reasons.

1. Ignite your Creativity - These presets offer a starting point to see the creative possibilities for a photo and this is a great way to stimulate your artistic side and get ideas to your final edit.

2. Get Awesome Results Quickly - If you love to obtain great looking photos but don't want to spend hours to get them look right, these presets can definitely save you a lot of time. In many cases, you will find a preset that looks just right and you will have a fabulous photo literally in seconds. In other cases, you might want to have fun and modify the photo further but you have a tremendous head start by using one of the presets.

3. Change Fall Colors Quickly - Fall Presets, when they are well designed can allow you to really get a different color and mood to the photo. The main Fall Colors are golden, orange and reds and the right presets can allow you to intensify these colors or even change an end of season fading orange color into a bright and vibrant golden autumn shot or red autumn shot! You are in the driver's seat and your creativity can decide what looks better, remember photo editing is an art and there are no rules!

4. Testing in the Field while Taking Autumn Photos - With the tremendous advancement of smartphones, you can now get immediate feedback on the possibilities of a shot. I love to use presets when I am in the field doing a photo shoot. I can easily take a photo on my phone and then immediately try a few lightroom mobile presets to see what are the creative possibilities. This often allows me to see what I might need to change in my shot and usually just gives me more creative ideas to apply in real time! In addition, it is very exciting to immediately see how great a photo can look and normally I get even more motivated and hungry to do more creative shots while I am in the field.

5. Obtaining Consistent Photos to take your Instagram Feed and Social Media to the Next Level - Using Instagram Presets is critical to obtain success in Social Media and capture the attention of your audience. By using similar presets across a range of Instagram photos, you can obtain a more consistent style, which usually helps to make your feed stand out. 

Get Stunning Fall Photos 

The Fall is a magical time of the year, definitely one my favourite seasons to be outdoors and photograph all the majestic show that nature has to offer. I hope this short blog post helped you to see how presets can truly change the game and ignite all your creativity, particularly in such a gorgeous season like the Autumn!

If you liked what you saw, just have a look at my 20 Best Fall Lightroom Presets. I hope you have fun with your photos :)

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