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How to Add Presets to Lightroom App

How to Add Presets to Lightroom App on Mobile (2020)

Lightroom Presets Mobile and Desktop

Lightroom Presets are a fantastic way to quickly transform your photos and spark your creative side. By applying a preset you can have an awesome photo in seconds or at least have a great foundation to your photo editing workflow. You can find our awesome collection of Lightroom Presets here. All our presets work on desktop and mobile, which gives you lots of flexibility.

In this page, you can find quick and easy instructions on how to install Lightroom Mobile Presets.

Method 1: How to Install Presets Using the Lightroom Mobile App

Step 1: Download FREE ‘Adobe Lightroom” App from the App Store.

How to Add Presets to Lightroom App - Step 1

Step 2: Save the DNG Preset File to your phone Photos Library

All our presets include individual DNG files for mobile to make the process of installing them a bit more straightforward. We usually also include a .zip file but unzipping the file on mobile devices is not always straightforward, so if you don't know how to unzip we recommend you download each individual DNG file.

Please bear in mind that these files are most likely going to show as blank in your photos library as mobile phones usually cannot display DNG photo files. There is nothing to worry and Lightroom will still be able to import these files.

Step 3: Create an Album in your Lightroom Mobile App to Import Your DNG Preset Files

To keep things organised, you should create a new album with the name of the Lightroom presets pack you bought. This will keep your preset files organised and it will be much easier for you to handle when your preset collection grows.

Create New Album Lightroom Mobile App

Step 4: Import Presets into Lightroom App

Once your able has been created, just click on the plus sign at the bottom and choose to import photos from your Cameral Roll. As mentioned before, this files are likely going to be blank (see screenshot). Choose all the presets you downloaded and click 'add'.

Add Presets to Lightroom App

Step 5: Click on Each File and Save as a New Preset

Now that you have imported all the relevant files into your Lightroom Album, you can easily save your presets. To do this, just click on each file individually. Once you are in 'edit mode', just click on the 3 dots on the top right and Choose the option 'Create Preset'. Give the preset a name and voila, you have installed your Lightroom Presets on the mobile App.

Step 6: Have Fun and Apply the Presets to Any Photo

The final part is the fun part...just applying the presets to any photo of your choice. When all the presets have been installed, it is a breeze to apply them and experiment with different looks. Just click to edit any photo in your Lightroom Library.

Once you are in editing mode, you might need to scroll the Menu Bar horizontally and towards the end you will find the option 'Presets". After you click there, your saved presets will show up and you can just apply them and see how the look of your photos change.

How To Use Lightroom Presets

If you are doing this for the first time, it might seem a complicated process. However, after you did it once, it becomes easy and straightforward. Even better, after you have installed your favourite presets, applying them to any photo is just super quick and easy.

Method 2: How to Install Presets Using Lightroom on your Desktop or Laptop

If you have the Lightroom CC App (not Lightroom Classic) for Windows or Mac, you can also install your presets on your computer and then simply sync them with your mobile using Adobe cloud's service. This is obviously a much easier way to install the presets but it requires that you have the computer app and the cloud service both of which are paid. If you just want to use the Free mobile app, the previous method is the best way to install your presets. 

If you do have Lightroom app for Windows or Mac, you can easily install the presets following this step-by-step guide provided by Adobe.

Lightroom Mobile Presets are a Great Way to Take your Photography to the Next Level

I Love to use presets because they speed up my workflow very significantly. What I really like about using presets is that you can choose how creative you want to get with your photos and how much time you want to invest into your editing workflow. If you just want to get a great result quickly, you can just try different presets with one click and then just apply the one that does truly fits with the photo.

However, if you like to get creative and experiment with your can also use Lightroom presets to do this successfully. I love this option for two reasons.

First, by experimenting with different presets, it gives me a better idea of what I can achieve with the photo, so my vision for a particular photo becomes much more clear.

Second, when I eventually choose a preset, a large part of the work is done and I can just adjust a few issues to make the photo even more distinctive and closer to my final vision. Of course, if I really want to take things to the next level, I can spend a bit more time and use other edit techniques and apps to complete the job. 

In sum, using Lightroom Presets puts you in the driver's seat and gives you a lot of flexibility over your photo editing process. Now that you can simply edit all your photos on your mobile phone, it is easier than ever to become a part time photographer and obtain great results. 

By using Adobe Lightroom Presets, you can easily obtain a consistent style and take your social media results to the next level. This is particularly critical to make your Instagram photos go viral and get your profile noticed. If you want to check my results, just have a look at my Instagram Feed. Using Instagram Presets is a critical part of having a great feed and there is nothing better than using Lightroom to achieve those results!

I hope you found this short guide useful. If you are ready to experiment with some awesome Professional Lightroom Presets just have a look at our vast collection. I am sure you will find something you like! I hope you have fun with your photography and truly let your creativity fly 😊