20 Best Fall Lightroom Presets | Stunning Fall Photo Ideas

20 Best Fall Lightroom Presets | Stunning Fall Photo Ideas

The Fall is one of the most exciting seasons for nature and landscape photographers, it is that time of the year that nature offers you a mind blowing show of color that can totally blow your mind. 

I was born in a small island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean and I never realised how incredible the Autumn could be until I came to live in England and then to travel to some of the most incredible autumn destinations in the world, including my favourite New England in the United States.

There is something truly special about going outdoors at the peak of the autumn in search of those intense colors, in search of that kind of beauty that makes your heart explode with passion...the kind of feeling that makes you realise how incredible it is to be alive.

20 Best Fall Lightroom Presets - A Sneak Peek

I Love the Fall so much that obviously is one of my favourite subjects to edit photos and I spend quite a great deal of time perfecting my favourite fall photos. In this post, I will show the 20 Best Fall Lightroom Presets that I have personally created and which I use often at the beginning of my editing process. I also use them on my phone while shooting in the field to have a quick feel of the artistic possibilities of a scene!

If you want to have a very quick glance at how awesome it is to change a photo with one click, just check the video below! If you want to see more detail, just keep reading the rest of the post.

What do you think? It is incredible to see how easily it is to change a photo when you have good presets. I get excited every time I watch this video.

Original Photo - Stunning Fall Forest

Fall Photo Forest

This is the original photo and how it looked before applying any editing or any preset. This gives you an idea of what was the starting point. It is not a bad photo but obviously it is too bland, lacks color, lack vibrance, lacks contrast...it definitely lacks that wow factor! So it is a great photo to let you see how Fall Lightroom Presets can truly change a photo and make it a true piece of art. 

For those of you that are just getting to know me, it is important to highlight that for me photo editing is an art and not a science! That means there are no rules in my book, I just Love to let my creativity drive the entire editing process. If you are a true photo purist, I respect you but probably you won't like my intense and vibrant style and that is totally fine, I love the diversity in the photographic community.

Best Fall Preset 1 - Vibrant Preset

This is the same photo but now with a vibrant fall lightroom preset applied. It is incredible how it quickly changes the look and feel of the photo. I particularly like the more intense and warm tones.


Fall Lightroom Preset - Vibrant


Best Fall Preset 2 - Vibrant Dark and Moody

The second preset in the collection still makes use of vibrant tones but also applies a dark moody feel to the photo that intensifies the colors even further and creates a really captivating scene! I truly Love this one and the intense and misty effect it has on the photo.

Fall Lightroom Preset - Dark Moody


Best Fall Preset 3 - Vibrant Bright and Light

The third preset in the collection brings a brighter look to the photo which is great if you want to achieve a lighter and more ethereal feel. Obviously, the secret to any great Lightroom presets pack is to have not only color and mood variation but also offer presets with different brightness levels. Photos are all different and a dark moody look might look awesome on a certain scene but might make other scenes too dark. Hence, the bright presets can truly help you rescue darker photos that need to be uplifted.

Fall Lightroom Preset - Bright and Vibrant


Best Fall Preset 4 - Golden Colors Deep

This is one of my favourite presets, look how incredibly golden the fall foliage looks with these preset! It was designed to transform the dead orange leaves into golden leaves as if they were at the peak of fall foliage. I always Love when I walk through a golden forest and the leaves are at their peak, bursting with color, penetrating your eyes like a tsunami of intense, deep and vibrant colors. This preset is designed to get that intense passionate feeling and that's why it is one of my favourites.

Fall Lightroom Preset - Golden Deep

Best Fall Preset 5 - Golden Colors Moody High Contrast

This is a great preset if you like darker moody shots that create a more mysterious atmosphere. It definitely works great in fall forest shots where you want to create a more special feel. This preset still enhances the golden colors but also brings a moody look that is irresistibly mysterious!

Fall Lightroom Preset - Golden Moody High Contrast

Best Fall Preset 6 - Golden Colors Deep and Bright

This preset builds on the previous one and still gets the golden colors in a very intense way but it turns the photo brighter and lighter, which might be a look that works better for some autumn scenes.

Fall Lightroom Preset - Golden Deep 

Best Fall Preset 7 - Golden Soft

This preset is still designed to get awesome golden colors but it also makes the photo look softer and smoother, which can give a misty look that is totally irresistible. Obviously, it won't work in every scene but it will certainly look incredible on certain fall photos. this is the beauty of a complete Fall Presets pack, you have several options and looks to transform your photos and let your creative juices flow.

 Fall Lightroom Preset - Golden Soft

Best Fall Preset 8 - Orange Deep

Another magical color in the Fall is Orange! I Love when the leaves are turning into an intense and warm orange tone, it totally gets me excited and I totally love to see the intense color! This preset is designed to enhance the orange tones and to give your fall photos a special warm look that will capture people's eyes and hearts!

Fall Lightroom Preset - Orange Deep

Best Fall Preset 9 - Orange Deep Bright

A similar preset to the previous one but bringing extra brightness to make the photo look lighter and more ethereal. Perfect for shots that were too dark or simply to get a lighter photo that capture's people's attention through its brightness and vividness.

 Fall Lightroom Preset - Orange Deep Bright

Best Fall Preset 10 - Orange Filter

This preset is designed to create a truly warm look that will definitely stand out on certain fall photos. Gone are the days where you had to use filters in the field if you wanted to get creative with your photos. Fortunately, now we have the ability to easily get creative in post-production! This preset applies a special orange filter that will truly boost the warmness in your fall photos. It makes this forest photo look very intense and inviting.

Fall Lightroom Preset - Orange Filter

Best Fall Preset 11 - Orange Moody High Contrast

This is a great preset to get awesome orange tones but with a dark and moody vibe that will make the photo more mysterious. The high contrast between the light and dark areas in the image, combined with the vibrant colors makes the photo very misty and special!

 Fall Lightroom Preset - Dark Moody High Contrast

Best Fall Preset 12 - Orange Soft and Dreamy

This preset is great to get awesome and vibrant orange tones that burst with color and then balance that intensity with a soft and dreamy look that transforms the entire photo into something ethereal...the kind of look that makes us get lost and dream!

Fall Lightroom Preset - Orange Soft and Dreamy

Best Fall Preset 13 - Red Color Intense

I Love the golden and orange tones but my absolute favourite are the deep intense reds...wow those truly make my hurt explode with fiery passion and my brain sing the chants of happiness! This is one of the reasons I Love to visit North America in the Fall...it is for sure one of the best places in the world to see and admire the intense red leaves! This preset will help you get very deep red tones and even help you turn pallid past peak orange tones into vibrant red tones. To have a full sense of the impact this Fall Lightroom Preset can have, just check the original for this photo at the beginning of this post and compare with the photo below...I am not sure how you feel...I surely feel amazed with the change!


Fall Lightroom Preset - Red Color Intense

Best Fall Preset 14 - Red Color Intense Bright

This preset not only transforms your fall foliage photo into an ocean of passionate reds but also gives it additional brightness and vividness that can totally make an autumn photo standout...it will be bursting with color...it will feel a true autumn wonderland!

Fall Lightroom Preset - Red Color Intense Bright

Best Fall Preset 15 - Red Color Super Intense

This is definitely one of my favourite Fall Presets. Wow the intensity of the reds is something otherworldly...at least to me! I am always amazed at how you can truly transform a photo in post-production and how you can let your creativity totally flow. The most incredible thing is that there are indeed vibrant, intense and deep reds like this in nature...you just to find those maple trees at their peak and with the right light conditions it is total bliss!

Fall Lightroom Preset - Red Color Super Intense 

Best Fall Preset 16 - Red Color Super Intense Bright

This is a similar preset to the previous one but it does bring in more brightness, which can look truly dreamy and ethereal under the right conditions. This can also be very helpful if you have a dark photo and want to really bring out the color and the light within the photo!

Fall Lightroom Preset - Red Color Super Intense

Best Fall Preset 17 - Red Color Light

This preset works well for those situation where you want to bring a bit of the red tones or even transform oranges into red but you don't want to go to an extreme and intense red tone. It is a lighter and more intermediate red that can work marvels in certain circumstances.

Fall Lightroom Preset - Red Color Light 

Best Fall Preset 18 - Red Color 

This is another preset to help you to get magic red tones and adds a very intense and punchy high contrast filter that really stands out. It will really create a clear distinction between the bright and dark parts of the photo, giving the photo a beautiful moody vibe but full of explosive color.

Fall Lightroom Preset - Red Color High Contrast


Best Fall Preset 19 - Red Color Soft and Dreamy 

I Love this preset because it brings the beautiful red tones and makes them truly alive but at the same time it creates a soft and dreamy effect that is truly awesome. In photos of the forest and trees in the fall, it just looks absolutely irresistible.

Fall Lightroom Preset - Red Color Soft and Dreamy

Best Fall Preset 20 - Extra Punch

The final preset in the collection adds an extra punch to the beautiful fall colors, making them look even more intense, more explosive...totally bursting with life. In addition, this preset also brightens the photo in a very intense way and has a beautiful mix of blue, yellow, orange and purple tones that really looks totally awesome and can make a photo really stand out!

Fall Lightroom Preset - Extra Punch Bright

The Best Fall Lightroom Presets Pack

I hope this post allowed you to see how incredible it can be to transform fall photos into something truly stunning, something that really can bring out the best that exists in nature.

If you liked what you saw in this post, do have a look at my Fall Lightroom Presets pack! I hope you have tremendous fun with your fall photography.

 Fall Lightroom Presets Pack

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