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Filled with Passion - The Midnight Sun Over the Iceberg Lake

  • Limited Edition: 100 Prints

    Location: Greenland

    Artwork Name: Filled with Passion - The Midnight Sun Over the Iceberg Lake

    This Artwork on Your Interior Design Project

    This fine art work is perfect to enhance any living or working space. This wall art print showcases the mesmerising warm tones of the midnight sun over a unique iceberg with a lake on top.

    The entire scene is a mix of peacefulness and passion. The warm and intense tones of the midnight sun will produce incredibly positive emotions inside you while the stunning and unique iceberg brings inspiration and creativity.

    The cherry on top is the beautiful red sail boat, which will allow you to dream...can you imagine yourself sailing in the midnight sun and soaking the warm scene while being mesmerised by the frozen world around you?

    This artwork offers is the perfect addition to bring tons of sophistication and style to any room. The incredibly artistic shape of the iceberg will bring an artistic aura to any room while the warm tones will bring warm feelings and emotions. Can you imagine glancing at this piece of art while working or a warm evening with close ones while having this piece of art in the background?

    The Story Behind the Artwork

    There are few experiences on earth that can match the feeling of watching gigantic icebergs floating in the sea in the mellow and warm light of the midnight sun! Even more incredible, each iceberg is unique, transient and continuously changing.

    As they move and melt they evolve into something different gradually, which gives each photograph something absolutely unique... the only real way to capture the form, shape and tonality of an iceberg and preserve it forever.

    This particular iceberg was one of my very favourites due to its size and shape but above all due to the magnificent lake on incredible to find a real lake on top of the iceberg?

    It was an incredible evening with a warm light of the midnight sun providing an incredible setting for a night of exploration. Once I saw this scene I felt those intense exhilarating feelings of exciting when you are exploring our magical planet...I could not believe the immense beauty in front of my very eyes... a mesmerising midnight sunset over a mighty iceberg, which is a true piece of art from mother nature.

    This was an aerial shot captured to showcase the unique iceberg while framing the warm tones of the sunset in the background. One of the very favourites from my extensive collection.

    The Artist - About Bruno

    Bruno's mission is to bring the beauty of our incredible planet into our daily lives through artwork that inspires our souls.

    He is truly passionate about our planet and wants his artwork to capture this in a vibrant and intense manner. His artwork is designed to generate powerful emotions and create a strong connection with the beautiful places captured in each piece of art.

    His utmost aim is to allow people to feel those emotions of incredible enthusiasm and uttermost exhilaration that he feels when experiencing the mesmerising places this planet has to offer. More than a simple image, frame or object, his aim is to generate emotions, emotions that inspire us daily and make us feel truly alive and connected to who we are.

    You can read more about Bruno here

  • Highest Quality Printing

    We use the highest quality printing methods and materials to ensure the best possible fine art. This includes TruLife Acrylic and Diasec Printing.

    TruLife Acrylic and Diasec Printing

    Trulife Acrylic is the highest quality printing material and Diasec the most advanced and precise printing technique. We use both to offer your the following benefits:

    ✔︎ Stunningly Vivid Colors that truly mesmerise and capture the eye

    ✔︎ Increased Contrast that will make it difficult to take the eyes from the artwork

    ✔︎ Significantly Lower Reflections for an authentic viewing experience

    ✔︎ Strong UV Protection and Scratch Resistance to ensure the longevity of your fine art piece for centuries

    ✔︎ Incredible Detail and Resolution to ensure a truly immersive experience that will generate positive powerful emotions on a daily basis.

    Print Sizes

    Our Print Sizes are approximate, as we customise the aspect ratio to each photo to ensure it looks awesome. However, the sizes should not differ much from our 4 standard print sizes that you can select on this page.

    If you need a custom size, we can usually accommodate your request. We can do very large art prints, usually up to 96 inches long. If you have specific size requirements, just let us know by chat or email.

    Metal Prints Option

    We truly believe Diasec Acrylic Prints are the most stunning print you can get but obviously metal prints can also look gorgeous too. If you would like your print in metal, just get in touch via chat or email and we can accommodate your request.

    Limited Edition Certificate of Authenticity

    All our prints are limited to ensure the value of your artwork. The pints are signed and numbered by the artist. You will also receive a proof of authenticity certificate to make sure you are receiving an original artwork directly from the artist.

    You can find more details about our high quality fine art prints here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Stunning Artwork!

I truly Love your work, it is so absolutely inspiring. I got the Pools of Magic and totally Love it. The colors are stunning and I am so happy to have in my home an artwork of such a beautiful place in our planet

True Fine Art

Bruno's work is truly fantastic, the print quality is superb and his service is second to none. The Floating Giant artwork is a true masterpiece and it looks so stunning in my living room!

Unbelievable Artwork!

I absolutely Love the Fragments of Earth Fine Art Print. It's so vibrant and intense, it truly ignites powerfuls sensations! Love how creative this piece is and the color work you done with it! The print looks so vibrant, everyone talks about it!

Ice Age Magic

Wow the colors of the artwork in the actual artwork are incredible. I got the Underground Rapids piece and the blue tones are just unbeliavble, so gorgeous! Bruno is such a great photographer and so helpful! Thanks for all the advice, I'm very happy with my purchase and will buy more!

Inspiring and Filled with Passion

Your Artwork is so stunning, it is dreamy, colorful and filled with passion. I love the sensations I have when I look into the your Artwork! It is truly inspiring!