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Luxurious Print Quality and Frames to Truly Immerse Your Senses Into the Artwork

True Fine Artwork is dependent on the quality of the prints and frames used. We use the best materials to truly produce an artwork that immerses the senses and inspires the mind.

Sublime Vibrant Colors to Truly Immerse the Senses, the Heart, the Mind and the Soul

We use the patented Diasec method that ensures the most luxurious print quality with the very best color vibrancy, color accuracy and longevity.

'For me, there is nothing like the experience of looking into a luxurious face-mount Acrylic Print, the colors are so vibrant and rich...I can feel them deep inside my being, it is truly is like igniting the fire of passion inside your soul.'

Layer Upon Layer of the Finest Quality

This is not a simple print. This is a True Fine Art Print that uses the best materialsand the state of the art patented technology, Diasec.

The Artwork is printed on the most luxurious photography print paper, Fujiflex. The colors are rich, vibrant and can feel them deep inside you.

Surrounding the print there are multiple layers to ensure the robustness, longevity and quality of the final Artwork. It can last several lifetimes, literally.

The outer layer is a piece of the finest TruLife truly makes the Artwork pop...the impact on your eyes and brain is so intense that you will feel the urge to get 'inside' the Artwork. No words can explain can only feel it...feel it strongly!

TruLife Acrylic for a Truly Jaw-Dropping Artwork that Shows Every Detail

We use TruLife Acrylic instead of the regular Acrylic to ensure the artwork totally grabs the eye and touches the soul.

TruLife offers Significantly Lower Reflections, Supreme Longevity and Scratch Resistance and Incredible Levels of Detail and Resolution...

There is only one image that you can't stop looking image that transports you to the image that immerses and mesmerizes the senses...

A Unique Range of Frames to Enhance the Artwork

Our Frameless Prints look absolutely stunning and awesome in a Modern space. However, if you are looking to add further sophistication we offer a range of frames.

Float Designer Fine Art Frames

Stunning and exquisite design inspired in the Paris Eiffel Tower.

The designer float frame will give the sensation your artwork is floating. It is totally immersive and full of style.

We also have a more standard Float design in black and white frames, both gloss and matt.

Traditional Fine Art Frames

Authentic wood and a superior craftsmanship for a traditional yet sophisticated finish.

With more than 3" width, these frames will make a true statement in your room and dazzle your senses...everyday

Modern Luxury Fine Art Frames

Decadent quality with a unique and innovative wave design.

Each frame has a width of 3.5" to add impact and character to your Artwork.

In Matt or Gloss finish, these elegant frames will add a truly luxurious and sophisticated touch to the Artwork... perfect to mesmerize the eye and inspire the mind on a daily basis...

Ultra Luxury Fine Art Frames

Lavish, Sumptuous and Truly Cutting Edge for a truly refined and sophisticated finish.

A massive 4-inch width to add incredible magnitude and impact to your Artwork.

Superior Craftsmanship. A fusion of traditional carvings enveloped in a modern high gloss will be difficult to stop look at the Artwork and its beauty!

Chat with Bruno for Personalised Advice or to Customise Your Artwork

If you want to discuss all the options available and get advice about what might better fit you needs, just start a Chat with Bruno.

We can customize the artwork for you and this includes printing on metal or considering other frames or sizes.

Bruno also does commission artwork for specific projects. Just get in touch and we will make your vision come to life.