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10 White & Airy Presets

Product Description

10 Beautiful White Presets for Lightroom and Instagram. This pack of mobile and desktop presets is specifically designed to enhance the white color tones in your photos. It is the perfect set of presets for interior design photos, home decoration, real estate, white fashion lifestyle  and anyone that wants a clean airy look.  It works particularly well to give a clean look to your photos and enhance the white tones. 

This is a great Lightroom preset pack for lifestyle photos, fashion bloggers, instagram influencers that love a clean and minimalistic look.

What is Included?

  • 10 White Presets Lightroom Mobile - Simply download to your phone and use on Free Lightroom App
  • 10 Desktop White Lightroom Presets - Simply download and use on your computer
  • Detailed and easy to follow instructions
  • One Time Purchase, Keep it Forever.
  • Available to Download Immediately

10 Gorgeous Presets Included

  1. White Modern Lifestyle
  2. White Modern Lifestyle 2
  3. White Modern Lifestyle 3
  4. White Modern Lifestyle Cool White
  5. White Modern Lifestyle Cool White 2
  6. White Modern Lifestyle Cool White 3
  7. White Modern Lifestyle Cool White Bright
  8. White Modern Lifestyle Extra White
  9. White Modern Lifestyle Warm White Soft
  10. White Modern Lifestyle Warm White

How Lightroom Presets Work?

Please remember that you have different presets and they won’t work with every photo. Each present bundle is carefully designed for a certain type of photos (e.g. sunsets, tropical beaches, spring blossoms, green nature etc) and they will look awesome on the right type of photos. If you want to be covered to a variety of styles and let your creativity run wild at a click of a button, then you will benefit from getting different bundles.

Terms and Conditions of Use

© 2020 Eyegusto. All Rights are Reserved

You can use these presets for personal or business use but you cannot in any circumstances copy, sell, distribute, rent, give, sub-license, or otherwise transfer presets or the right to use presets to anyone else.

About Bruno 

Bruno is a landscape photographer who travels around the world in search of the most beautiful places in our planet. I simply love to create art with photography and my photographic style is very colourful! You can check my popular instagram account (@eyegusto) to see my gallery. 

I Love to Create new Presets and Photo Filters as it allows us to quickly transform our photos into something different, something magical. I hope you enjoy the presets in my store.

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Why Our Customers Love Eyegusto Lightroom Presets?

Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Fantastic Preset Bundle

This lightroom preset bundle is truly excellent. So many different packs and adds a lot of creativity to my editing process! Thanks!

Jill Matthews
Presets worth the money

I am very happy with my presets. I can use all of them for my real estate photography. They brighten dark rooms, make the grass a little more green without changing the color of the house. Fast and easy to use.

Jamela Carter
Outstanding Presets Real Estate

These are great presets for real estate photos. It made my editing process much quicker. I have found my favourite presets and now can edit in bulk very easily! Thanks.

Damione1 Jewett
I love these presets!

I really love using these presets they are easy to utilize and transform my work flow To a manageable And Is easier To implement other pieces to my production puzzle.

Alonso Ramirez
Great Presets

I recommend them to anyone looking for quality presets for their real estate photography