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Decorative Throw Pillows - Summer Collection - The Pink Sunset at Lake Tahoe Pillow



Want to bring new life into your home? This colourful throw pillow can immediately add a splash of color and art. It is guaranteed to add life into any room. The gorgeous intense colours with pinkish tones and the mesmerising scenery of Lake Tahoe will bring life into any room.


This throw pillow can be the perfect addition to any area of your home. It would look great on the sofa, on a bedroom, as a floor pillow or even outside in the garden or balcony! It has a luxurious feel when you touch it and it is guaranteed to add a tons of elegance and sophistication to your home.


About this Photo Art Work - Note from the Artist (Bruno @eyegusto)
Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. The big rounded rocks are so unique and incredible. The whole scenery is taken to another level into this super intense pinkish sunset. It was mesmerising to watch and capture another display of beauty from our gorgeous planet.


Product Key Features
High Quality Photo Art Crafted by Genuine Independent Artist
100% pre-shrunk polyester case
Moisture-wicking fabric with a linen feel
Hidden zipper
Machine-washable case
Shape-retaining 100% polyester insert included


Did you know?
According to some scientific studies images of nature might have a positive effect on our well-being and health! It is a win-win: adding high quality art-work and promoting positive feelings.

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