• Fjord Sognefjord Norway Sunset Bergen Mountains Fodnes Hiking Trail

    A Fantastic View over the Sognefjord, Norway

  • Dolomites Val di Funes Italy Odle Mountains Landscape Winter Snow Peaks South Tirol St. Madalena

    The Beautiful Dolomites at Sunset, Val di Funes, Italy

  • Ronnang Tjorn Island Sweden Bohuslan Coast Sunset Sverige Landscape Europe Sky Clouds

    Magical Sunset over Ronnang, Sweden

  • New York City Sunset Empire State Building Rockefeller Center Skyscrapers Clouds Orange Evening Sky Effects USA United States

    Intense Sunset over New York City

About Bruno



Hi and welcome to eyegusto.com. It’s great to have you here!

I am Bruno and I am passionate about travelling, photography, writing, poetry, blogging…well let’s say I am passionate about living life to the fullest!

This blog focus on travel, photography, discovery, inspiration and creativity. My ultimate goal is to create beautiful images and write powerful words to inspire you to live the life you WANT to live and I sincerely hope I can offer a glimpse of inspiration to allow you to pursue all your dreams. This blog is read by all sorts of people, including travellers, explorers, photographers, artists and people that just want a glimpse of inspiration for their work or daily life.

For the travellers and explorers of this world – those that have an insatiable desire to know more about this fantastic planet we live in – I share great places, travel ideas and photo guides. I can offer dramatic and intense images that illustrate how I view and appreciate all the places you find on this blog. I offer you a detailed visual experience of amazing travel destinations.

For those looking for inspiration for your work whatever it may be – sometimes it just takes a new image, a different sentence to put the dots together – I sincerely hope that the images and words in this blog can be a source of inspiration and contribute to make your day better and more productive.

To sum up, in this blog you will find:

– Fantastic Places – Great travel ideas and guides to explore this amazing world
– Fine Art – Beautiful and inspirational artistic photos from all over the world
– Get Inspired – Powerful and inspirational words


For those of you who also like to make your own creations I also share in the blog:

– Tutorials – how I create and develop my photos
– Amazing Stuff – What equipment I use and recommend
– Amazing Software – The software that allows me to realise the creative vision of my images


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My Story

I was born in a small island in middle of the atlantic ocean – Madeira Island (off the coast of Portugal). I started travelling when I was 3 months old and I was fortunate to visit different places every year (mainly around Europe). This created in me a deep passion for travelling and exploring new places. When young, I already started to develop a love relationship with photography because I was so stunned with the beautiful places I visited that I wanted to save the memories forever! However, I only started to become more serious about it when my father bought the first digital camera in the year 2000 (I really never liked the film limitations…I am truly a guy of the digital era!). Anyway, it would take me much longer to realise that traveling the world, capturing great images and sharing with other was my true passion. It literally took a PhD to realise that!!

In 2008, I left my small island and moved to England where I did a PhD in management…which I managed to survive and complete! I have to admit it was one of the most boring things I ever did (let’s keep it a secret!) BUT it was also the most important thing I did. Not because it made me look smart and people started to call me Dr. Bruno, but it was vital for me because it was during my PhD journey that I finally realised what I really wanted to do in life.

All started, when I bought the “Digital Photography” magazine in the Autumn of 2008. In that edition, which I still have, there was some amazing HDR photos and an article on how to shoot HDR. I was amazed by how colourful, intense and dramatic the HDR photos were. This got me really interested. So slowly I started to learn a bit more about HDR. However, only in 2010, when I bought a better camera (Samsung NX-10) with the larger APS-C sensor, I started to experiment with HDR. Then, I realised that my camera was limited and a year later I bought a fantastic Pentax K-3 that allowed me to really start doing some good multiple exposures for HDR. You can read more about my HDR photography style HERE.

It was more a less at that time, in 2011, when I was in the middle of my PhD journey and going through all the pains of doing a PhD, that all dots connected and finally it started to become clear in my mind that what I really WANTED to do in life was to travel the world, explore and appreciate the most amazing places and then create beautiful images to share with world and inspire other people. However, it still took me some time to truly believe that I could make this happen and live this kind of life. During this period, all the blogs I read online helped immensely to provide me with the energy and motivation to pursue my dreams.

Therefore, I truly hope that my story and this blog can help you in the same way and inspire you to live your dreams. Fortunately, these days there are more and more examples of people around the world that managed to find their passions and live the life of their dreams. I sincerely hope you are already living the life you really want or that you can soon start doing it!

Below you can see just some photos of me in amazing places.